miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2013



Artist Manuel Socorro Franco Juárez was born in the Pueblo de Coyame, in the Northwestern State of Chihuahua, México.
His Mexican – Indian heritage and his education has given him the confidence, the inspiration, the strength and the skills to create unforgettable images. His vast knowledge and control of so many different mediums allow him to explore all fields of subject matter- southwest and western landscape, wildlife, Native Americans, still life and portraits, including bronze sculpture.
His parents were the most influential force that shaped his life and polished his God- given talents. His mother pushed him as a child to draw and paint and encouraged his career as an artist.
He is known around the world for his body of work depicting the environtment and history of the Americas.

His motto: “Take care of the WATER you drink, the GROUND you walk on and the AIR you breathe”